Moving out soon?

Get paid 15% of the rent.
Just open your door
for the viewings. WATCH VIDEO!

How it works

1. Contact Us

Call us 3-4 weeks before
you move out. We get your
landlord on board & list your flat for you.

2. Open Door

Show your flat to people
who booked a viewing online
(you decide at what time).

3. Cash in

When we find a tenant,
your landlord pays us.
We share this commission
with you (15% of the rent).

How SnapFlat Makes Money

Landlords pay us. And we share this commission with you!

Landlord Y ou pays 50% of a month s rent gives 15% of a month s rent 業主 租客 繳付50%月租 獲取15%月租的報酬

What's in it for me

Make money

You get 15%
of the next tenant's
first month of rent.


4-5 visitors are usually
enough. You decide
when they can come.


We prepare the listing
& advertize the flat.
People book viewings
online. You just open your
door when you want.


Check out the flats tenants list right now!